MACP- Reply by the Ministry of Finance

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New Office Bearers of AIKVTA Bangalore Region

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Permission to conduct Regional Convention

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Biannual Regional Convention

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Date: 04-02-2013


The AIKVTA(BGR) Regional office bearer, Sec./President/REC/Unit Sec. of Kendriya Vidyalaya



Subject : Biannual Regional Convention of All India Kendriya Teachers association(AIKVTA).Bengaluru Region to be held

at KV Malleswaram, 18th Cross.Bengaluru on 9th Febraury 2013.

Dear Friends,

The Regional executive committee of AIKVTA.Bengaluru Region in its decision decided to hold the  Biennial Regional Convention on 9th Febraury 2013.  in Bengaluru as mention above.

The delegate from KV”s of the Bengaluru Region will report to the venue.

The schedule of the convention is given as follows:

  1. Reporting of delegates in the morning from 9 am to 10am.
  2. Preparation of the delegate list at 10.30 am.
  3. Tea at 10.30 am.
  4. Inaugural function 11am to 12-30 pm. includes-
  5. Well come ,Presidential address, inauguration of convention, Gen. complementary speakars, vote of thanks.National Antham.
  6. Commities, discussion, seletion/election, prepation of list of new office bearers
  7. Presenting the list.
  8. Lunch –
  9. REC-meeting.
  1. That there will be one delegate for each 30 members and in no case it will exceed 3 member irrespective of its strength
  2. That delegates must be duly elected /selected by unit president concern and a certificate of its effect to be duly signed by the unit president /secretary or by the principal with stamp or its fairness and authenticity.
  3. That annual subscription of session 2010-11/2011-12 is to be cleared at AIKVTA before the convention.


It is my humble request to every member of AIKVTA must show his/her unity and sincerity. Kindly do not get stray-by and any kind of rumor mongering.


Seeking cooperation for making it a historical convention of grand success.


All the   delegates coming to the convention are requested to in form to GS/President AIKVTA (BGR) about the number of delegates participating in the convention so that proper arrangement can be made .


Information can be sent to the website k.  (massage to 9448850334)




President (AIKVTA.BengaluruRegion)


Website: Mob:, 9448850334

Enclosed the copy of the  permission by competent authorty


Tribute to our outgoing President of AIKVTA

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Dear Mr Mazumdar!

The members and office bearers of AIKVTA, Bangalore Region wish you a Happy and Peaceful retired life!



Cancel Transfer on Punishment: High Court

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CAT-Final Hearing postponed to mid August

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CAT grants another 4 weeks to KVS to file reply,case posted to mid  August for final hearing.


Meeting Postsponed

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Dear friends,

The meeting scheduled to be held at KV IISc on 25-03-2012 has been postponed as all teachers are very busy with exam/valuation/result….etc. The revised date will be informed well in advance
Mr. Anjaneyulu
(President ,AIKVTA, B’lore)
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Feed back of Agitation

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Dear Teachers,

Today’s Rally in Delhi was a huge success. About 2000 teachers took part. Memorandum was submitted. Teachers’ response across the country was awesome though some schools in some regions were confused and apprehensive. As per the feed back, about 70% teachers took part. Let’s proceed till we reach the goal.

Susheel Babu

Vice President



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